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people get assaulted on the street – all passersby are passing the situation

You see a person get assaulted on the street, what would you do? A big problem in our German society is, that  most persons would pass the situation. So the most of us are bystanders. To solve this problem and to know what we are thinking by doing that Spiegel did an interview with Veronika Brandstätter, a motivation psychologist.


25 anniversary of Berlin Wall fall


festival at the Brandenburg Gate with 10.000 visitors

festival at the Brandenburg Gate with 10.000 visitors

More than one million visitors came to Berlin to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which marked the beginning of the end of the Cold War. It existed from the 13th of August, 1961 to the 9th of November, 1989 and was the famous symbol for the divided world into east and west. 245 people left her lives at the wall for flee before the communistic system of DDR. On this day, it was thought to these courageous people and also on the day, as the wall fall. Already two days before the festival, they put up 8000 balloons straight through Berlin.


RDK8 Karlsruhe (The worlds most modern Coal-fired power station)

Technical information:


At the location of the Rheinhafen-Dampfkraftwerk-Karlsruhe (RDK8). The new construction is a basic part of the environmentally friendly electrical power supply.


Spacecraft Rosetta

On the 2nd of March 2004 Rosetta, a spacecraft of the ESA (European Space Agency), built in Friedrichshafen, started from the earth to reach the asteroid Tschurjumow-Gerasimenko.


Hartz IV for immigrants?

Should immigrants get Hartz IV?

Hartz IV(or formally “ALG II”) is like a law, which allows you to get money if you don’t have for more than a year. You can only request Hartz IV if you have worked in Germany before and you got fired by your boss; also, you have to search for a job in the time you’re unemployed. It doesn’t work if you quit your job, because Hartz IV is there to help people who got fired and can’t find a job. (more…)

Immigrants in Germany

Today in Germany there are many immigrants. Many of them came to Germany in the past. After the end of the World War II, Germany needed many immigrating for helping rebuild the destroyed cities. The majority of these people went back to their home country after working, but some of them stayed. (more…)

Mediterranean cruise

6 cities in one week on a cruiser

The Italian operator MSC Cruises serves cruises on the Mediterranean sea and one route of them concludes the cities Genua, Neapel, Messina, Tunis, Barcelona and Marseille. The trip starts at Genua and also ends there. One of the possible ships is the MSC Splendida, a ship for 3274 passengers (about 1370 employees are working there), with 18 decks, 13 of them are for passengers. On the ship are pools, bars, casinos, restaurants, a theater and much more entertaining stuff, also the staff is really nice. The trip is a very impressive experience which shows a big variety. In every city the ship stays a couple of hours in the port and either the city is just a little walk away or a short ride with the bus or cap. The restaurant which serves a six-course menu in the evening and in the morning they a buffet offers a big choice of different food. During the trip the ship is very full and although the cabins are not the biggest ones. Many other opportunities make that trip worth it.

In conclusion it`s a very beautiful trip with many attractions.



Differences between East- and West-Germany today

East and West differences – Still meaningful today?

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany on the 3rd October 1989, all people were relieved because of this historic event. Mainly the people who live in East-Berlin and in the DDR (= German Democratic Republic) were happy to be able to celebrate this, because they were free again. At the time before the fall of the Berlin Wall, there were many differences between East- and West-Germany. For instance, the people in East-Germany weren`t free, they were caged in their own country. (more…)

German Cliches

Lederhosen-wearing, humorless, but dutiful and a bit arrogant – is that the typical German person?

Many people all around the world think all Germans are the same, they have that certain German stereotype in mind. But Germany is actually a country with a lot of different cultures and that is what I want to proof you. (more…)