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KSC is the main soccer team from Karlsruhe. Their club colours are white and blue and their stadium called “Wildparkstadion” which can take about 27.000 visitors. Their president called Ingo Wellenreuter and their coach Markus Kauczinski. (more…)

Mercedes-Benz History

General information about Mercedes

In January 1886 Carl Benz patented the first petrol-powered car. Gottlieb Daimler patented just one year later a petrol powered car with an petrol engine. The first Mercedes automobile were sold in 1901 by the Daimler-Motor-Company. (more…)

University Life in Germany

A lot of foreign people study in Germany, but why?

German universities are quite high in the global university ranking, right below a few American Ivy League and prestigious British universities. The graduation you can obtain and some of the universities are well-known all around the world, also because of their connections to other national and international universities, so your graduation won’t only be useful in the country you studied in.