Where did the Germans go on holidays this year?

Viel-Essen-wenig-Sport_pdaArticleWideNo other nation has so much fun in holiday travelling like the Germans. Although they make up only about 1 percent of the world population, more than eleven percent of the worldwide travel expenses come from German purses – the title of the travel world champion is sure to us. However, where did the trips go this year?

Far countries and exoticism belong with the typically German vacation planning not to the determining factors. The favorite destination of the Germans is Germany. It pulled almost every fourth German vacationer also this year in the native country. Often called advantage in the vacation in Germany are the variety of nature, culture and food.The tourism associations in Bavaria and on the Baltic Sea can be particularly glad about that – these areas are front runners in the internal comparison. The most popular European holiday destination is Spain, for example Mallorca, Costa Brava and Andalusia. Last year more Germans have taken their vacation than in all long-distance holiday sighting together. The second popular is Italy, than Turkey and France. The company figures in the long-distance holiday market also rose in 2014.

How do the Germans go on holidays?
The most popular means of transportation to the holiday place is and remains the car (50.7 percent), followed by the airplane (38.6 percent), far beaten are railway and bus with 5.1 and 3.1 percent.


Where took the german their holidays?

Where took the german their holidays?


written by Julius Barrakling

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    Very Good topic, however just be careful of your grammar mistakes.
    Although your statistics did seem accurate.
    From Tara Govender (South Africa)

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    very interesting ! (south-Africa)

  3. Sanisha Naidoo

    This is a very good article that tell’s us more about the German holiday’s and I hope that you will write more lovely articles.

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  7. vidya

    Very interesting article, sounds like a great place to go on holiday.

  8. Micayla

    Well done! it is a very well written and gripping article. I have not been to any of those places – including germany – really want to go.


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