The Illuminati in Karlsruhe

The Illuminati pyramid, the emblem of Karlsruhe speaks for itself. The Illuminati are very real in Karlsruhe but why? Looking at Karl-Wilhelm’s biography you can see, he was in the council of 300 in the Illuminati order. So you can see that his grave, a pyramid, is exactly at his position of the Illuminati order. Marked by the green point.

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If you connect the rays going out from the Karlsruhe castle, marked by the red point, with the pedestrian street and the Kriegsstraße, both marked by the dark red lines, you get the Illuminati pyramid. In this pyramid, there are the grave of Karl-Wilhelm in the center, marked by the green point, the court of German law, marked by the orange point, the German national court, marked by the blue point and the university of Karlsruhe, marked by the yellow point. All these buildings are placed under the Karlsruhe castle, the all-seeing eye of Karlsruhe. But why Karlsruhe? Why is Karlsruhe the new center of the Illuminati world? If you look at the name of Karlsruhe, you could get, that if means “Karl der Große ruht”, translated into English it means Karl the Great resting. Do you know the Great was a member of the brotherhood of the snake? He had a key position in the Illuminati order. Furthermore there is the town’s seal which has a red shield in the background, which is referring to the master of the Illuminati, “Rotschild”. His name means translated red shield, just like the Karlsruhe town’s seal.

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  1. Dan Gordon

    Very interesting stuff, I never knew this before. Will you be explorimgm this in more detail? Dan from UK (in Kuwait)

  2. tara govender

    The topic is very interesting and it grasped my attention from the first few sentences.
    Your article is very factual.
    I had always been fascinated with the Illuminati but i did not know this.
    From Tara Govender (South Africa)

  3. Akira Maharaj

    A very informative piece of writing.It really gives you a more detailed view on what Illuminati is really all about and how it had come to be. And how a single town is able to be the pyramid of Illuminati with so many different land mark. keep up the good writing

  4. Kameshni Pillay

    A very well researched topic. Illuminati is not a very big issue in South Africa, and is not extensively explored as no one really worries about the topic.
    Your article is very enlightening on the topic of illuminati in Karlsruhe and informs people the topic. Well done!

    Kameshni from South Afica

  5. Clarissa

    very cool !! (south-Africa)

  6. Nirvana Howard

    This is a very interesting article about illuminati, I haven’t heard anyone in south Africa ever talk about it so it was very informative. Your article is well constructed well done :)

  7. Kimberly Pillay (south africa)

    interesting topic,well constructed article…well done:)

  8. Naseehah Saloojee

    A very informative article that kept me interested throughout the article

  9. Micayla

    Its a very well researched and informative article. The subject is both captivating and mysterious. The article was also well written. Good work, well done! :)

  10. Seneca

    This was a very informative piece on the Illuminati, very factual which is really good and it was gripping.
    I have never heard about this before and it makes me want to go and research the Illuminati in more depth.
    Very well witten

  11. Emma

    very interesting and good information :)

  12. Thalia

    Well researched topic, very interesting :)

  13. Caleigh (south africa)

    Very interesting, I find the topic of the illuminati interesting. Apparently some people still follow it.

  14. fleur

    Nice story. I’m living in this town. Directly in the neigbourhood of the holy grail,the complete magic heritage of europe and this famous illuminati pyramid.

    First a few historical facts:
    Karlsruhe was founded in 1715. The secret society of the Illuminati was founded in 1776 and got prohibited in 1885. This gives you a gap of 61 years.
    Karl the Great, lived and died in about 746. Maybe he lived by some magical trick for over 1000years. Jesus did similliar things,but he turned famous for it.
    The founder of Karlsruhe is known as Karl III. Wilhelm, a small duke. He died in 1736. This is 47 years before the Illuminati even started.

    Karlsruhe is close to the french border. It was the era of Baroque and Versaille was trendsetting. The plans of the architecture were inspired by it. That’s what those rays were inspired by. Probably also as a reference to Louis XIV of France,known as the Sun King, who died in 1715. The same year that Karlsruhe got founded.
    Those rays also had a very practical defense purpose. From the castle you could spot any nearing invaders.
    It’s still handy nowadays. You are unlikely to get lost in town. Just walk straigt forward in either direction. You will hit the castle or the autobahn,depending to which way you walk.

    The pyramid is indeed the grave of Karl III. Wilhelm. But before the pyramide was build, there was a church which got demolished in 1805. So they put a wooden pyramid over the crypt as a temporary solution. The locals loved it. Pyramids and egypt were very much in fashion back then. So the builders just took the grasp and remade it with stones as a final monument.

    I don’t know about the holy grail. The spot where people considered it to hide, is a massive building side nowadays.
    But before this there really was some kind of conspiracy going on.


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