Two teams playing video games against each other and many people are spectating them.

The first impression sounds strange but what I am talking about is E-Sport or electronic sport – it’s like ordinary sport. There are teams playing against each other.

There are different games that are played, for example at Gamescom in Cologne there were played games like DotA 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike. E-Sport is not just a little edge appearance, it’s a really emerging scene.

For example at the League of Legends World finals were 40.000 viewers, a lot more were watching the games per live-streams and this event was also broadcast on television in the USA. The games are live commented and there are also interviews with the players after the matches, just like after a football match. In Germany the E-Sport has his home in Cologne with the location of the ESL, the electronic sports league. The ESL has 4 million members and about 950 thousand teams. The German Olympic Sport Association did not accept E-Sport as a sport because of the missing physical activity. In countries like the USA, South Korea, Sweden, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Great Britian and China E-Sports are a official accepted sport.


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  1. Bhakti - South Africa

    E-Sport seems to be very interesting. Hopefully South Africa can get E-Sport. I would like to play it some time.
    Wow! A commendable piece of writing.

  2. Sarah, Durban South Africa

    Wow! That’s amazing I had no idea there was such a thing as E-Sport :)

  3. Emma Billington (South Africa)

    That is really interesting. Never knew about this. I think that it is not right that The German Olympic Sport Association did not accept E-Sport as a sport because it did not involve physical activity because not all people like physical activity and it is unfair to those people that prefer no physical activity. This is also a good way to meet new people that like the same games and not physical activity like they do. Nice story. Learnt something new.

  4. senalia(south Africa)

    This is very intresting

  5. Kay

    Wow, I never knew about E-Sport but it sounds really cool! :)


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