Problems of the infrastructure-project in Karlsruhe

Problems of the infrastructure-project in Karlsruhe

The project, which I talked about in my other article is also connected with many problems.To construct this tunnel for the underground system, they had to make many building lots. Because of these many building lots,the trains in Karlsruhe often have much delay and the volume of sales from many shops, which are difficult to reach, goes down. Many tramlines in Karlsruhe can not drive regulary, but with alternative lines. This takes up more time and is sometimes complicated, because of changing the trains.
To sum up you can say that the project will have many pros, when it is finished but during it will be finished , there are many negative aspects. So I hope that they complete it on shedule, to avoid even more problems.

Building Lots at the "Kaiserstraße"

Building Lots at the “Kaiserstraße”

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  1. Jayson henkel

    Having visited your town whilst it was in a state of construction I can empathise with your point. However, Germany and indeed the rest of Europe has a transportation system that is envied the world over. In Vancouver Canada where I reside, commuters spend over 2 hours some times each way too and from work. If you were to ask them I’m sure the majority of them would gladly put up with some short term inconvenience for a long term solution.

    Jayson Henkel
    S/V Triforce

  2. Khanyi Shabalala

    I understand where you’re coming from with this article because in South Africa we’re also having a ton of reconstruction being done to the roads. A lot of countries have been trying to make their transport systems to be as amazing as the ones in Europe and with the new BRT system all around South Africa , the new buses/tramlines will take at least another two years to be completed. This means there will be more traffic and more strikes have delayed the project.

  3. Caitlyn Fordyce

    wow!!!!! very interesting, i did not know that there was that much delay in time and the traffic must be hectic. well done on your english it is better than mine.!!!!

  4. Peyanka

    This is quite an interesting topic. Many countries, including South Africa, have started projects like these and it has taken a long period of time to finish the construction. This causes many problems on roads, including traffic congestions,so I also hope that this projected can be completed within the scheduled time.

  5. Kimberly Pillay (south africa)

    i understand your point…reconstruction is a very frustrating process to have to deal with but will eventually benefit us…


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