Pets as replacement for humans

Pets are getting more popular in Germany. In this year, 2014, more than 28 million pets are living in Germany. So this country has the second highest amount of pets in Europe.

Almost every third German has a pet. Only the expenditure of more than 3.5 billion euros (for food, toys and other things) feature how much the German people love their pets.

But that is not all. The dog is the second most kept pet in Germany and it is unbelievable what the owners do for their “favourites”:
The dog is often considered as the “little children” of a family. The owners talk to them as they were humans and treat them like that. When winter is coming and it is getting colder outside you can go in a boutique for dogs where you can buy warm jackets, so they do not have to be cold or when it is rainy the dogs do not have to be wet. If the favourites still do not like the winter weather and fear thunderstorms you also have the option to visit a dog psychologist to cure your dog. Dog psychologists help dogs to come to terms with their fears.

Although our pets (especially the dog) give us the feeling to be loved and we want to show them our love. We have to remember that a pet is a pet and they feel better when we do not treat them as humans.

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  1. kholeka khumalo

    Your article is so interesting ,I enjoyed reading it.
    Kholeka Khumalo-South Africa

  2. Sarah, Durban South Africa

    That’s so weird. But I suppose when it gets cold in Germany it gets COLD! Here in South Africa our dogs swim with us throughout the whole year. It’s so amazing to see how things are done on the other side of the world.

  3. Maxine McMillan

    Wow, that was a very interesting article on pets.I myself love pets and find it fascinating that Germany has the second highest amount of pets in Europe.I also find it funny how there are dog psychologists around and I think people treat there dogs well and that is a good thing but they must not let them lose the sense of “wild and free” life.

    1. Meghan S (South Africa)

      ‘Nice one maxine’- nirvana howards words.

  4. Jordan

    I think this is a very good article and a found great interest in it. i am an animal lover myself and i treat my pets as humans to be honest. I think you should give your pets as much love as you want back, there are many homeless and mistreated pets out there and if you have one appreciated because they give so much loove .

  5. Savanna Pretorius

    Wow this is interesting. Here in South Africa we also have a lot of pets but I am not sure if we go to extremes with dog psychologists and stuff like that, I have not really heard of one but I guess it is still taking care of your dog right? We have dog jackets and cloths but I would not buy one because it actually gets really hot here and I think the dog gets hot enough with just their fur.

  6. Emma

    great article, very interesting :)

  7. tee

    i think that by pampering your animals is a good thing but by over doing it , is a bit extreme because they should be able to be an animal but be treated as a human to a certain extent.

  8. Micayla

    Thats actually quite creepy – don’t get me wrong, i love my pets, but that is going way to far. At least it provides more ‘out of the ordinary jobs’ in germany, such as pets psychologists and pet designers. Well done :)

  9. Havana

    what a well written observation. In South Africa we love our animals and pet and sometimes more than certain humans. Haha. In the world more people should realise and understand the issue of animal abuse and this matter needs to be taken more seriously. The article is a wonderful way to demonstrate to those unaware and shed light on the issue. Good writing skills and choice of topic. :)

  10. Luisa

    Thanks a lot for your comments!
    I wrote this article to show how exaggerated some humans (not all of course!) treat their pets…I hope you all understand what I’d like to say:)

    1. Sarah, Durban South Africa

      I understand, I think all over the world there are some people that exaggerate their pets care. I read another article where two friends would take their dogs on play dates and after a couple years they actually held a $20 000 wedding for the dogs. What?!


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