University Life in Germany

A lot of foreign people study in Germany, but why?

German universities are quite high in the global university ranking, right below a few American Ivy League and prestigious British universities. The graduation you can obtain and some of the universities are well-known all around the world, also because of their connections to other national and international universities, so your graduation won’t only be useful in the country you studied in.

Another advantage is that, in spring 2014, tuition fees for undergraduate national, but also international students were abolished. Your tuition is free and you only have to pay a small sum towards administration and other costs per semester or year. All in all you have to expect an average of just 4564€ per year to be living in Germany, including food, your place to live and running costs. You have to pay around 461€ for studying and 4103€ for living costs, which depends on your level of study, whether you study at a public or private university (private universities are mostly a lot more expensive) and which German state you study in. Private universities offer you an individual assistance, modern equipment, technical features and a closer connection to the worldwide economy. All of this affects the curriculum, which is slightly different at public universities, since the private ones ask for opinions of managers and people, who do not need a visa if you are an EU-national or a citizen of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. Otherwise you need to show proof that you have around 8000€ per year available, to make sure you are going to be fine and get along while studying. If you want to study for more than 4 semesters in Germany there could be an extra fee around 800€.

To conclude it is possible to say Germany is quite a profitable country to study in – it is accepted all over the world, tries to involve foreign people and has a very high standard of education, which will probably help you to find a job, when you are finished with studying.

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  1. Sabeeha (South Africa)

    I agree on your comment that Germany is quite a profitable country to study in.

  2. Gemma

    Very interesting. I would love to see the universities and explore.


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