Aliens in the Blackforest

It was a cold September night 1936 in Freiburg when citizens woke up after an unknown flying object had crashed into the black forest.

Specialists found the object and looked at something that appeared to be a disk with dead alien corpses inside. SS-units appeared hours later at the impact point and took the disk to the Wewelsburg in northern Germany to be studied and no one saw it again. Jan van Helsing described this story with shocking accuracy. He also talked about a certain German scientist called Viktor Schauberger. He invented the first anti gravity flying machine called the “Repulsine”. Secret documents state that he had access to the Wewelsburg. He also pointed out, that he wanted to recreate the ancient Indian “vimanas”.

Devotees to the pre-astronautic theory and the ancient high-society theory say, that the so called “vimanas” described in the ancient “Sanscri texts”, aren’t myths at all, but ancient anti gravity flying machines like Viktor Schaubergers “Repulsine”. So were do both societies, the third Reich ant the ancient Indians thousands of years before the Germans got this technology? Pre-astronautic theorists success it were aliens who gave those societies this technology.

But were do we find other evidence for alien technology? Only three years after the UFO crash, world war two began and during this war, one new machine after another was revealed. Why? UFO-theorists say, it’s not because of great German engineering , but because of the spaceship crashed into the Blackforest.

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  1. brittney

    maybe you should research more UFO sightings and compare them to what your country has experienced you could get some interesting results that will help you find truth behind everything but other than that this Article is very interesting by itself.

  2. Jessica Nossiter

    i am from South Africa and this is very interesting. It would be very interesting to find more information on this this to see if this is true. It also seems a little scary to think that aliens are existing.

  3. kirsten

    this is very interesting . would be nice to find out more about this and write an article on it . very nice article

  4. Maxine McMillan

    That article was so gripping I would love to here more if you have any other information on it.

  5. Taufiqah Ballim

    This is a very interesting article that exposed me to information that I did not know.It would also be nice if you could do a follow up article and really find the truth behind everything.

  6. Savanna Pretorius

    This is very interesting, I’ve always wondered about aliens living in another world/ galaxy. It would be nice if you could research about more sightings and post another article, I would gladly read it.

  7. shaakira

    it is really interesting and normally you don’t find much on UFO’s. really informative.

  8. Siphesihle

    wow! this is very interesting :) Great article!

  9. Shriya Salligram

    Woah! That’s so interesting. Definitely want to look more into this. Thank you for providing such gripping, interesting and valuable information


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