Free time activities of a German teenager

What do German teenagers in their leisure time? Are there differences between the teenagers from Germany and other countries?

According to a Google study, the favourite activities of a German teenager are:

    1. Meeting friends
    2. Listening to music
    3. Going out
    4. Playing games on the computer
    5. Doing sports

Many young people were asked what they do in their free time. All of them said that they think like this Google study too and these are the typical things that a teenager does in his free time. But many teenagers from many countries do the same, so what is rather that special about the hobbies of a German teenager? To find out, lots of teenagers were asked about their favourite hobbies and what they think that the most popular sport is. Of course, they said “Football”, as we won the FIFA world championship this year. Not only boys, but also girls play football. Also, a popular sport for the teenagers here is tennis. By way of example, boys and girls play tennis in special clubs every week. Handball, riding, gymnastic, dancing (like classic, jazz, hip hop and many more) are also very popular hobbies.

As you can see, the German teenagers are really active and do many sports, but there is also a considerable part, which is playing computer games – the whole day long. Some on the xBox others on the PlayStation and many also on the PC. Some players were asked about their favourite games. The result is that games like World Of Warcraft, games of the “Call of Duty” series, GTA5, FIFA, Minecraft, Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda are very liked.

As you can see, the German teenagers have a multitude of choices when it comes to their freetime. From sports, all the way to computer games.

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  1. Neli

    Hello there, my name is Neli and I live in Durban(which is in South Africa). I personally find it remarkable that the teenagers of Germany are so active and enjoy things that are complement they’re age. Unfortunately for South Africa, teenagers these days do things that are way above they’re age and do things that they are not really suppose to be doing. The teenagers here in SA’s hobbies is to go to clubs all night, get drunk, smoke drugs and do all sort of things they are not suppose to, thus resulting in an excessive increase in the crime rate, pregnancy rate. This is not good for them nor the country. Anyway, its so great to know that there are still teens out there who are who they are without doing anything hectic and bad. This article was indeed very insightful and interesting. Thank you

  2. Sarah, Durban South Africa

    That is so awesome! In South Africa now, Surfing is becoming very popular as well as Gymnastics and Swimming. :)

  3. Gemma

    I live in South Africa and we too do most of those activities during our free time. A very big sport here is Rugby.

  4. Courtney

    There are little to no differences between what teenagers in German do in their free time and what they do here in South Africa. I think internet has influenced what teenagers “think” is cool to do. Example, if all the popular kids post that they love playing Call of Duty, everyone immediately will join the “Call of Duty craze.” Teenagers see online, on Facebook etc. what everyone else their age is doing around the world and the majority who see this feel the need to fit in, or feel as though they are missing out and suddenly are doing the same thing. I think the world’s generation of today’s teenagers are very much alike in everything they do and they follow every new trend that becomes visible on their social networking sites…

  5. Nicci C

    Here in South Africa we also do the same activities especially things like surfing, cricket and rugby. Teens also like similar games like COD and GTA5. Great article!

  6. Tatum

    Your article sounds familiar to the hobbies of our own, here in Durban, South Africa. The only thing I’m not familiar with is The Legend of Zelda. Very interesting to see how although we are so far apart, we still enjoy similar things.

  7. Emma

    that’s very cool, German teenagers and South African teenagers are quite different in the ways they want to spend their time, but also very similar as we also enjoy football and other sports such as rugby and hockey. as well as computer games. great article!

  8. Havana

    This article is so well written and the topic is well chosen. the interesting thing is that most teens in South Africa are also like teenagers in Germany and we all enjoy going to the beach and playing sports, we all quite enjoy the outdoor activities as well as indoor tasks. I like the fact that you mentioned that girls also play sports(football) as I go to an all girls school and sometimes the female community is sometimes under appreciated in a male dominated world. But women are coming back better than ever. your article is quite eye catching and interesting to read.

  9. Thalia

    That was very interesting to see that the life of teenagers in Germany is not that different to teenagers in South Africa.


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