Germany’s birthrate

Many people live in Germany with a big population. But just these years the population shrinks every year because the people don’t get two or more children for each household. In contrast to 2010 15.000 less babies were born, exactly 663,000; in many countries the birthrate is ca. 2.1 but in Germany only 1.36.

One of the reasons for this problem is that many people study on a university or have got a career in their job early so they haven’t got enough time to look after their children After their study they first want to work in their job they learned before they want to get children and so they are in many cases to old for a normally age to get children. If this problem stays for 40 years longer the Britain population reaches Germany’s. The politics want to connect family and work more to make it easier to have got children and a job. Also in Europe Germany has got the fewest birthrate because of this reason.

To get this disadvantage disappear the politics agreed to create an agreement between job and family life and so the birthrate problem in Germany to remove of the country but many people also think that society doesn’t support fully working parents.

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  1. brittney

    very interesting

  2. otshepeng

    It’s interesting to read about things like this in other countries because it is so different here in South Africa. There is such a big problem with overpopulation and even unemployment. There is no sure thing that you will get a job even if you go to university and study (I have heard in Germany your studies are paid for by the government) So it is interesting and different to hear about there NOT being enough babies that are born.

  3. kyla

    very interesting to read

  4. Meghan S (South Africa)

    Very informative article! thank you.

  5. Lisa

    an imformative article indeed. it is very interesting to know that there are actually some countries that are disadvantaged because of the low birth rate

  6. Micayla

    That is very informative as it is so different where i live (in South Africa) its amazing to read about another countries social issues.


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