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Topware started in 1995 in Mannheim ( Germany ) with only two development studios.

In February 2001 Topware CD Service AG , it´s original name , filed for bancrupt .Then, some employees of the old company founded Zuxxez Entertainment AG  and re-named it to Topware Interactive in 2011. They now have their own development studio, Reality Pump Studio, and they work with media giants like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to make their games.


– Their first game is The Black Eye: Shadows over Riva, from the famous video game series. It is a mix of the Adventure- and Role-Play-Game-Genres. Other parts of the The Black Eye - series are, for example, The Black Eye: Drakensang and The Black Eye: Blackguards.

– Another famous game made by Topware is Jagged Alliance 2 from 1999 .It’s a kind of round-based strategy game with role-playing-elements. You play as a group of mercenaries who must absolve quests like freeing a country from a dictator. This game has a huge tactical system to organize your army. At first, the game was only for Windows and later it was ported to Linux.

-The game Knightshift, which was produced in 2003, is a very innovative game because of the two modes in it. The first mode is named RPG-mode ( Role-Play-Game ). It´s a bit like Diablo (by Blizzard), but more humorous. You control a person in the bird´s-eye view and absolve quests, so that your character becomes more powerful later on. The second mode is named RTS-mode ( Real-Time-Strategy ). You must build a base and recruit your army with milk (!) . There is also a multiplayer where you can play both modes and an editor where you can make new maps and so on.

-The most famous games of them are Two Worlds I and Two Worlds II. Both are role-play-games with 3D – graphics.

Two Worlds I :

This game is from the year 2007 and first came out only for Windows-computers. But 4 months later Topware published the X-Box 360 – version. You can create a character, who has no name, from one of these nations :

1. Humans : They live in the kingdom Cathalon and are the dominant species on the world. Their fight against the orcs so they hate them.

2. Dwarfs : Dwarfs live in the north of the world (in the mountains there). Their capital city is namedYarmalin.

3. Serpents : These creatures are like snakes and live in the south-west. A big part of their empire is sunken in the ocean. Their are great traders so you can buy almost everything on their islands.

4. Orcs : Once a powerful race, now the orcs are smashed and live in the south od Anthaloor. Almoust everybody hate them so they have a hard life.

5. Elves : Withdrawn the elves live in the north-west so they are not so well-known.

Two Worlds II plays 5 years after Two Worlds I . You can play as the same races as in Two Worlds I and almoust everything is the same except of graphics and so on.

The newest game from Topware is Raven´s Cry ! In this game you play as a pirate in HD-graphics . That must be awesome !

In conclusion we see that Topware isn´t ready to go into pension. We await many other great games from them .


Two Worlds I


Their newest game : Raven´s Cry




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  1. Caitlin Robinson

    Looks like an interesting game to play. ;) Maybe too informative with excess information that is not needed, but otherwise a well constructed suitable article. :)

  2. Shriya Salligram

    Wow! You really sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks for this in depth article. Much appreciated

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    Very informative article! I enjoy playing video games and the ones which are mentioned above seem very interesting. The images are persuasive and attract the readers eye.


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