All people want gifts

Is the real meaning of customs falling into oblivion ?

In Germany we are celebrating a lot of festivals and customs, for example Christmas or Easter. When the Christmas time begins the people are in preparation for weeks:

They buy presents for family and friends, a lot of food for the feasts, bake cookies and decorate their homes, for example with a Christmas tree. But often the people do not realize the real meaning of Christmas, namely the birth of Jesus. Often they are just interested in getting presents.

Another festival is Easter: The real meaning of it is the resurgence of Jesus. But more often people are getting bigger presents as they should get. We have the conceive that there are poorer families that have no chances to celebrate these festivals with big presents and lots of decoration. Often these families are believing in the real meaning of this customs. So we can be very happy that we can feast this extensive. However we have to comprehend the real meaning, so that the give of presents is not in the foreground.

Maybe we can donate some things we do not need any more to make other people especially the children happy with presents.



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  1. Cayla Critchlow

    this is so true and i am glad you understand the true meaning, only if other people could think like you!

  2. Jordan

    This is a very good article and I believe that it is true that most people are forgetting about the real reason behind these holidays and many other holidays. As a catholic I believe in the reasons behind the days and I have noticed that not many people even go to church on these special days. Sometimes people are ungrateful about the gifts they receive and it makes me upset. i think donating is a great way to give back because a lot of people do not get any gifts at all. Very lovely article, keep writing :)

  3. Taufiqah Ballim (South Africa)

    This article is very true.People do forget the meaning behind religious holidays and just and worry about presents and the food etc. We also have to remember god and be grateful on these days. A wonderful article,keep it up!

  4. Shriya Salligram

    This is so true. I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Thanks for your view on this matter

  5. Lisa

    this is true. i think as teenagers we need to start reinforcing the real meaning of these religious holidays, or any religious holiday as a matter of fact. We must not lose touch with our beliefs as this might affect us and our children in the future.

    thanks for the lovely article :)

  6. Emily Cumming

    I love this article! There are so few people who really take time to think about the real meaning behind Christmas and Easter. Christmas has become more about the opening of presents and ‘Santa’ and Easter has become more about the hunt for delicious chocolate eggs. It is sad that it has come to this but we need people in the world who celebrate these holidays for the right reasons. Thank you for this wonderful article.

    Emily Cumming
    South Africa


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