Alexander Gerst – a German in space

The German astronaut was more than half a year on the ISS

Alexander Gerst – he studied in Karlsruhe – has been on the International Space Station for exactly 166 days, to make several commendable experiments and even one extra-vehicular activity. It was a great time as he tweeted one day before his return, but he is “Looking forward to seeing the bottom of clouds again”. Then, on November 10th, he finally returned to our planet. At 4.58 a.m. the spaceship carrying him and two other astronauts from the USA and Russia landed in a 180.000 square kilometers wide, uninhabited area in Kazakstan. The return took only three and a half hours but it was the most difficult part of the whole mission, because the spaceship type “Sojus” is not really controllable while landing. Landed on the earth, more than 300 russian soldiers, 14 helicopters and several medicians were there to take care of the three astronauts. Normally, after more than half a year in the orbit, a doctor explained that your body is very weak and you could have problems with your sense of orientation, but they were fortunately relatively fit.

The good working mission of Alexander Gerst is also a big success for Germany and the German cosmonautics. The “Deutsche Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (DLR)” is also very content with his work.

On the whole the entire mission was a big success for Alexander Gerst himself but also for Germany and the whole world.

A.GerstB2D9tYfCIAAV8uFAlexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex)   Twitter




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  1. Jessica Nossiter

    This man is very lucky to be in space. Anyone who gets the opportunity to go to space is very lucky!

    1. Julian (Post author)

      of course he is, but he had to train a lot too!


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