Gasexplosion in Ludwigshafen

Two dead men and a destroyed district


On Thursday the 23rd of October a gasexplosion in the Ludwigshafen quarters Oppau and Etigheim
occured. Four builders were excavating a gasline from a cooperation between the chemical concern BASF and the russian gassupplier GAZPROM for maintenance.
Then, emissive gas caught fire and exploded. The explosive flame was over 40 metres high and could be seen over a distance of several hundred metres.

Source (YouTube)

The explosion inflamed 80 cars and damaged 60 habitations. In 38 of these, the inhabitants won’t be able to live any longer. 23 people came to the hospital with minor injuries. Most of them were allowed to leave the hospital after four hours. One of the builders who was working on the building lot died before the ambulance came. Another 56 year old builder died of his injuries on Wednesday last week. The other two are still in the hospital. It’s not clear when they will be able to leave the hospital. The prosecution engross the part of the line.
A witness said at the resident meeting that he had seen a builder smoking on the lot at the day. However, the reason for the accident isn’t clear. A commission is researching the case; the result is expected in two months. The prosecution is investigating involuntary homicide and improper handling of explosives.


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  1. Caitlin Robinson

    That’s terrible to hear, what a tragic article. I liked reading, it is well written and is an informative article. I like the fact it has interesting information like, “The explosive flame was over 40 metres high and could be seen over a distance of several hundred metres.” :)


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