Immigrants in Germany

Today in Germany there are many immigrants. Many of them came to Germany in the past. After the end of the World War II, Germany needed many immigrating for helping rebuild the destroyed cities. The majority of these people went back to their home country after working, but some of them stayed.

Today, there are about 15 million immigrants in Germany, because the government wants them to come to Germany. Consequently, it is the country with the second highest percentage of immigrants. If people come from a third world country, they have to request a residence title to get the permission to work in Germany. The people of an EU country have free access to work here if they are entitled to freedom of movement. The immigrants of third world countries, for example Syrian people stay in camps called “refugee camps”, before they can request the residence title to get the permission to stay in Germany.

But it’s not very easy for the immigrants to find a good job in our country, because many of them don’t understand the German language or at least not enough to work on a language based job. They work as unskilled laborers, which makes the climbing the social ladder in our associates very difficult.

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