Refugee camps in Germany

Often people, who escape their homeland, live in refugee camps. They are leaving their country because of political discrimination, war or other reasons. If they haven’t got a job and money they are living in camps like this one in Berlin.

Also in other cities in Germany there are many refugee camps, for example in Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Hamburg. 

The fled people appear in big groups, especially from Syrien, Serbien, Eritrea and Afghanistan. These are the countries, refugees the most time come from

The refugees live in an emergency accommodation. There isn’t much space, the most time they live together in rooms for 4 or more  people, anyway it’s better than in their own country. These people haven’t enough money to live, but in the camps they live in peace, get clothes and something to eat and drink. It’s very difficult to protect and help all of them. Compared with other countries the People will have a better future.

Lorenzo Graf





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  1. Caitlin Robinson

    Interesting story with interesting and easy sentences that are nice to read through, while giving appropriate and slightly gripping read to the story. I enjoyed reading this. :)

  2. Kay

    The refugee camps are doing a wonderful job! this article is great :)


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