people get assaulted on the street – all passersby are passing the situation

You see a person get assaulted on the street, what would you do? A big problem in our German society is, that  most persons would pass the situation. So the most of us are bystanders. To solve this problem and to know what we are thinking by doing that Spiegel did an interview with Veronika Brandstätter, a motivation psychologist.

Poor boy is lying on the street.Passers are passing the poor man on the street.

Veronika Brandstätter spoke about values that are controlling us in this situation. For example a person is crying behind the next corner. Now there are two values fighting each other. On the one hand you want to help the person but on the other hand you think that you must respect their privacy and don`t need to know why exactly she is crying. Most of us would turn around and go away. This is a big problem in our society, but how can you help persons right when they have a problem? The most important thing is that you never get in danger too. Look for other people who can help and ask them. Just speak with the victim not with the offender. Don`t run away to call the police, be with the victim and make him feel that there is somebody who is helping him and say to other persons they should call the police, also very important, never touch the offender. Otherwise he can become violent and the whole situation gets out of control. So if you see now a person who gets attacked on the street help him and don`t pass the situation.

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  1. Tegann Buys

    This is a worldwide problem that we should take more time and effort to support and help these people.


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