Differences between East- and West-Germany today

East and West differences – Still meaningful today?

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany on the 3rd October 1989, all people were relieved because of this historic event. Mainly the people who live in East-Berlin and in the DDR (= German Democratic Republic) were happy to be able to celebrate this, because they were free again. At the time before the fall of the Berlin Wall, there were many differences between East- and West-Germany. For instance, the people in East-Germany weren`t free, they were caged in their own country.

Today, Germany is united again. But even 25 years later, there are many differences between the former BRD and DDR. The unemployment and the risk of poverty in the East is higher than in the West. In 2012, only 14% of the so-called “Wessies” (people from the BRD) were hit by unemployment, opposing a rate of unemployment of 20 % of the “Ossis” (people from the DDR). The school education is better in the west as well, more than 28% young people in West-Germany have the university-entrance diploma, in East-Germany only 24%. Both in the East and in the West, there are averagely two people in one household. More kids on the eastern part visit a day care. In the category “Technology” there aren`t any big differences. 79% in the West and 71% in the East have a car in their household. A laundry dryer is owned by 45% of the western citizens, but only by 22% of the eastern ones.

Consequently, the east of Germany is eco-friendlier than the western part. All in all, these differences aren’t of much importance. More important is that Germany is one free country and – hopefully it`ll stay one in the future.

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  1. Emma

    this article is great! very interesting, i learnt something new today! :)

  2. Kimberly Pillay (south africa)

    very insightful and well constructed..well done and keep writing:)

  3. Leigh

    Wow, i never knew Germany was once split. it is very pleasing to know that Germany is united again.

    great article, keep on writing

  4. Akashiya

    Very Good! :)
    Keep writing, you’ve got the talent for it.:)


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