Kubrat Pulev vs. Wladimir Klitschko

Today is the first day after the boxing fight. Next to the 40.000 Visitors, who saw the fight live at the O2 hall, millions of people watched it on TV.

After some pre fights Michael Buffer, the world famous voice of boxing started the fight. In the first round Klitschko knocked Pulev two times out and showed the whole fight who is the boss in the ring. The following second round was not very interesting, but in the third round Klitschko knocked Pulev the third time out. Pulev was a fighter with an athlete` s heart and survived the third and fourth round. But at least the only thing Pulev showed in this fight was that he can take sick very much… Exactly 5 rounds of boxing. Then Klitschko knocked Pulev out for the fourth and last time. Experts are talking about a super punch. Some say that this punch was about 200 kilogram when it hit Pulev’s head. A few minutes after the fight Pulev left the O2 Hall in Hamburg directly in direction hospital. He has a broken cheekbone and a heavy concussion. Get well soon Pulev.

After the fight Stannon Brigs, another heavyweight boxer, asked Klitschko for a fight. Maybe the next breakfast for Dr. Steelhammer. Kubrat Pulev, a bad loser, said that Klitschko was just lucky and that he will beat him the next time. Well, all we know is that challengers of Wladimir Klitschko have to prepare themselves to a nearly unbeatable fighter with a very strong left hand.

Here is a link to see the full fight in You tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjoYILJdx1I

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  1. Aadilah Isaacs

    Definitely will watch the video.
    Keep up the good work! (:

  2. Savanna Pretorius

    It is amazing how your body acts when you are in circumstances like this. This just proves that in the right situation your body can do the most amazing things.

  3. Caitlin Robinson

    This may be an interesting article for someone who enjoys boxing and perhaps watched the fight. Just be cautious of spelling and grammar, otherwise it was a fairly good and constructive article. Keep it up ! :)

  4. Meghan S (South Africa)

    I am sure many people who enjoy watching boxing will watch the video.
    Lovely article!

  5. Pe'yanka

    It was quite interesting to read about how someone could survive this long during a boxing match. This was a very informative article, keep it up.


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