Bambi Awards

And the Bambi goes to… 

Many people went on the 13.November this year to the Bambi Awards. So what is the Bambi?

The Bambi is one of the oldest German media awards. It was invented by Karl Fritz, who lived in Karlsruhe and has a publishing house, in the year 1948. The daughter of first winner, Marika Rökk, gave the Bambi its name, because she thought the award looks like Bambi from the book by Felix Salten. Karl Fritz publisher was bought by the Hubert-Burda-Verlag, one of the biggest publishers in Germany, and therefore the Bambi too. The first Bambi was made of ceramic, but since 1958 it has been made from gilded copper. From 1953 to now the Bambi has been awarded in Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich and in many other cities. First it was only a media award but since 1984 it was also awarded for media, sport and society. This year the award winners were for example Uma Thurman, Ariana Grande, The “Fantastischen Vier” and a special award for Miroslav Klose and Philipp Lahm. Heinz Rühmannreceived the most Bambis. He got 12 Bambis.






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  1. Stephen Smith

    That is very interesting! What a funny name for a serious award. I am a journalist in South Africa, so I found information on the German media very interesting.

  2. Jayson Henkel

    I found out about the Bambi awards just this year, my favourite band, U2 was the recipient. It was especially noteworthy as while traveling to the event, Bono’s private jet had a malfunction and the rear cargo door opened mid flight! I’ve yet to see a performance from the Bambi Awards, but I’m curious if the frontman had any stage clothes when he arrived!

    I wish I’d made it to Berlin when I visited Germany, perhaps next year, it’s a long way to travel from Vancouver, BC Canada so I’ll have to take more time off next time!

    Thanks for the background on the Bambi award, such a cute origin!

    Jayson Henkel
    S/V Triforce
    Vancouver, Canada

  3. Jaina

    It is really interesting to learn about how an award show is named. I’m from South Africa and we don’t really have major award shows where the biggest of biggest stars come to attend it. We mainly have award shows for our local stars. Today I have learnt something new!

  4. Sanisha Naidoo

    I like this article because it is important to have an understanding of what kind of awards take place in different countries but this is a very nice article and I hope to read more very soon.

  5. Micayla

    Your article is very interesting. I have no idea about any award ceremonies around the world except for the grammys, oscars and now of course, the bambi. Your subject was well chosen especially because it give me an insight of current german traditions and ceremonies. :)


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