Hartz IV for immigrants?

Should immigrants get Hartz IV?

Hartz IV(or formally “ALG II”) is like a law, which allows you to get money if you don’t have for more than a year. You can only request Hartz IV if you have worked in Germany before and you got fired by your boss; also, you have to search for a job in the time you’re unemployed. It doesn’t work if you quit your job, because Hartz IV is there to help people who got fired and can’t find a job.

The European Court of Justice (EuGH) decides if Germany has to pay Hartz IV to immigrants, which flee from their country or just relocated to Germany. The EuGH is discussing this case, because of a Romanian wife, who sued for Hartz IV. She moved to her sister in Leipzig in 2010 with her little son. Her request for Hartz IV was denied by the job-centre, with the argument that she never looked for a job. This is just one of many, many cases. Mostly Bulgarians or Romanians moved to Germany to get this social benefit. The amount of money they would get through Hartz IV is much higher, than the amount they would get in their country.

The EuGH sent an assessor to take a closer look at the law and those cases. He came to the conclusion that Germany can deny Hartz IV for immigrants, if they are just moving to Germany to get this social benefit. In May already, another assessor said that people could exploit the state doing this. To save Germany from exploitation, the EuGH resolved that Germany can suspend immigrants, but only if they have getting Hartz IV as their sole objective.

The European Commission established their judgement that European citizen don’t have the right to free access to welfare.

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  1. Kiara and Arisha (Durban, South Africa)

    That’s very generous to immigrants living in the country, although it can be a tricky case when deciding whether the person is truly unemployed by choice or not.


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