German Cliches

Lederhosen-wearing, humorless, but dutiful and a bit arrogant – is that the typical German person?

Many people all around the world think all Germans are the same, they have that certain German stereotype in mind. But Germany is actually a country with a lot of different cultures and that is what I want to proof you.

As we are humans, we have an expectation of every person we meet, see or hear about. It works in the same way if we hear the word „German“. Most of the people might think it is a country, where everyone wears „Lederhosen“ on a daily base – but why wouldn’t we wear the same clothes, that everyone is wearing in modern western countries? There is actually no dress code in Germany, just as there is none in America, so everyone should be able to wear whatever he or she likes to wear, although most people look relatively similar. The only time, when some Germans wear Lederhosen and not even all of them, is during the „Oktoberfest“, which is celebrated in Bavaria. Of course it is really beer-related, but there are a lot of nationals, who don’t drink or even like beer. The Oktoberfest is a traditional festival at which you celebrate the wedding of Ludwig von Bayern and Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Since it is a festival and you want to celebrate something great happened, you are happy, drink beer and do the things you do at every celebration. As a lot of people would suppose, that does not mean everyone is getting drunk there, some people do and others just have fun, but most people go there to drink beer, because it is an exception they do once a year – beer once a year. Others drink beer more often, but not all the time and not for every meal, as some people imagine. It’s the same with sausages. Germans actually don’t eat sausages that much, especially not for every meal; there is even a big amount of vegetarians and vegans. Other cliches aren’t any different:                                             Not all Germans are exactly in time, wear Lederhosen, play soccer, love beer, take everything serious or put large towels on the canvas chairs to reserve their places for the day very early.

As you can see in this text Germany is just a country on this world, not that different from others. We are nothing but humans and that’s why all of the 80 million people, living in Germany, act and live in a different way.



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  1. dorethhabertie

    I have learn several excellent stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for
    revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you put to make this kind of excellent informative website.

  2. Kereshnie Naganna

    Your article was very insightful. I learnt a lot about Germany. I also learnt not to believe every stereotype you hear. I am from South Africa and there are also a lot of stereotypes about our country. For instance people think that we ride elephants and lions everywhere. This is not true, we do have cars. Another stereotype is that if you are from Africa, you must be black. Again this is not true. South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation. Our beautiful country is made up of people of different races, religions and languages.

  3. Yasna , South Africa

    Many people believe that Africa is a primal and savage country and in some aspects, yes. South Africa, has come so far despite its poverty. Not all Africans are poor, and most are not rapists or kidnappers like many people tend to believe. Africa is wild, but it is so civilized at the same time. People here do have their differences but we all open ourselves up to that notion of diversity. Well executed, keep up the good writing ;)

  4. Tatum

    In your first paragraph you have used proof in the wrong context ‘prove’ would be correct

  5. Nicci C

    Everyone in the world is different and unique and people should respect that. This was a great article and has definitely opened my eyes to how different everyone is, welldone!
    Nicci (South Africa)


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