RDK8 Karlsruhe (The worlds most modern Coal-fired power station)

Technical information:


At the location of the Rheinhafen-Dampfkraftwerk-Karlsruhe (RDK8). The new construction is a basic part of the environmentally friendly electrical power supply.

With a multiplicity of technical innovations. At its implementing RDK8 setted new standards for environmentally friendly energy production. The Coal-fired power station is fired with stone coal and has a net efficiency of 46%, which is worldwide maximum value. The stone coal is brought by ship to the coal stock yard. Flat conveyors bring it to the boiler house. The coal is blow with air in the cauldron and burned. With the heat the water the water in the pipe system becomes heated and the steam is leaded to the turbine which in connected to the electric generator. The generator is producing electrical energy with is feed in the supergrid over a transformer. In the water-cooled condenser the steam of the turbine is afflicting. As feed-water it is brought to the steam generator again. At high rhein-temperature the cooling-water is before its return line to the river the water is cooled down in a cooling tower. A part of the dust is used for the heating of the of the district heating water which circulates in the district heating system of Karlsruhe.






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