Karlsruhe’s transportation infrastructure project

640.9 million euros – many building lots – 7 underground stations

Karlsruhe´s tram-train system is carrying many people through the city but also into the heart of it.
In the year 1997, there where 123.6 million people transported by the “Karlsruher Verkehrsbund” (KVV), three years later, 20 million more

and in 2010, the number of passengers had grown up to 176.6 million people. This was a big problem for the people at the Kaiserstrasse, which is a shopping street in Karlsruhe the tram-line goes through, because it is connected with a risk, even for older persons, that an accident might happen. The aim of this project, which started in the year 2010 and will probably be finished by 2019, is, to make the city more attractive for visitors and business and increasing the quality of life. Relaxing in the heart of the city or watching people while sitting outside a Café without having to cross the tracks, because the tram-line is under the Kaiserstrasse, is what the KVV and 55,55% people from Karlsruhe  wanted to happen. So they’re constructing a 2.4 kilometres long tunnel, under the Kaiserstraße and a branch tunnel, which connects the Karlsruhe Marktplatz station with the Ettlinger Tor station. Alongside they also build a 1.4 kilometres long tunnel for cars at the “Kriegsstraße” for the same reasons. The project will make many things easier when it is finished,but is also connected with many problems.

line network of the underground stations

line network of the underground stations


How the “Marktplatz” will look like

How an undergroundstation will look like





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