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Bambi Awards

And the Bambi goes to… 

Many people went on the 13.November this year to the Bambi Awards. So what is the Bambi?

The Bambi is one of the oldest German media awards. It was invented by Karl Fritz, who lived in Karlsruhe and has a publishing house, in the year 1948. The daughter of first winner, Marika Rökk, gave the Bambi its name, because she thought the award looks like Bambi from the book by Felix Salten. Karl Fritz publisher was bought by the Hubert-Burda-Verlag, one of the biggest publishers in Germany, and therefore the Bambi too. The first Bambi was made of ceramic, but since 1958 it has been made from gilded copper. From 1953 to now the Bambi has been awarded in Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich and in many other cities. First it was only a media award but since 1984 it was also awarded for media, sport and society. This year the award winners were for example Uma Thurman, Ariana Grande, The “Fantastischen Vier” and a special award for Miroslav Klose and Philipp Lahm. Heinz Rühmannreceived the most Bambis. He got 12 Bambis.






Ebola – the new danger from West Africa

Since a few months there is one topic, that is permanently in the news. The “new” disease (new in this context means it was discovered in the 1970’s) raging in Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone called Ebola.

First we have to distinguish between the Ebola-virus and the Ebola-disease. The Ebola-disease is a deadly fever-disease caused by the Ebola-virus with symptoms like fever, vomiting, muscle pain and diarrhea. The Ebola-virus itself is 800 nm long and one of the five viruses of the Group V.
The Ebola-disease:

There are over 15.000 infected people in the world, but over 99% of them live in west Africa, namely in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. Almost 5.500 of them died due to the symptoms. A big problem in these areas are the bad hygienical conditions and the lack of good care for the ill people. These problems are mainly caused by the fact that the named countries are some of the poorest countries in the world, so they just can not afford professional care on their own and are dependent on support from other countries. But there are also 4 infected people in the USA, so the virus slowly spreads into the first world, but by now there are no recorded cases of Ebola in Europe.

World Map

The Ebola-Virus:

The Ebola-Virus is a virus from the tropical rainforests in central Africa. It spreads through direct body contact, humor and transplanted organs. It can not only spread from human to human, but also from animal to human (e.g. from monkeys) and it also infects monkeys like chimpanzees. The virus causes the deadly Ebola-disease. There are no working and proven vaccines yet, but there are many scientists doing research on it right now, because of course they want to stop the virus from spreading more than it is already. They want to stop a big epidemic before it even starts properly.


Problems of the infrastructure-project in Karlsruhe

Problems of the infrastructure-project in Karlsruhe

The project, which I talked about in my other article is also connected with many problems.To construct this tunnel for the underground system, they had to make many building lots. Because of these many building lots,the trains in Karlsruhe often have much delay and the volume of sales from many shops, which are difficult to reach, goes down. Many tramlines in Karlsruhe can not drive regulary, but with alternative lines. This takes up more time and is sometimes complicated, because of changing the trains.
To sum up you can say that the project will have many pros, when it is finished but during it will be finished , there are many negative aspects. So I hope that they complete it on shedule, to avoid even more problems.

Building Lots at the "Kaiserstraße"

Building Lots at the “Kaiserstraße”

The economic role of the European Union today

Free Trade Agreements with the USA, sanctions against Russia ?

In March 2014, after years of conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian government started a covert invasion of the Crimean Peninsula, which lead to economic sanctions from the EU. This was quite a critical measure, since 30% of the EU’s gas is imported from Russia (by companies like GAZPROM), half of which go through Ukrainian pipelines. Also, there was a world-wide price increase of grain feared, since Russia produces lots of its famous Winter Wheat.

On the other hand, also in March ’14, the European Commission proposed a free trade agreement between the USA and the EU, called the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” ( abbrev.: TTIP ). This contract is expected to be finished – and signed – somewhat around the end of this year. It’s purpose is to reduce tolls and to increase the amount of money which flows between said two economic trading zones in the form of cash bonds, services and material goods.

Both of the above mentioned measures can influence the economy of the whole world very much, showing that the decisions the EU takes are quite important.

The Illuminati in Karlsruhe

The Illuminati pyramid, the emblem of Karlsruhe speaks for itself. The Illuminati are very real in Karlsruhe but why? Looking at Karl-Wilhelm’s biography you can see, he was in the council of 300 in the Illuminati order. So you can see that his grave, a pyramid, is exactly at his position of the Illuminati order. Marked by the green point.

Screenshot (31)

If you connect the rays going out from the Karlsruhe castle, marked by the red point, with the pedestrian street and the Kriegsstraße, both marked by the dark red lines, you get the Illuminati pyramid. In this pyramid, there are the grave of Karl-Wilhelm in the center, marked by the green point, the court of German law, marked by the orange point, the German national court, marked by the blue point and the university of Karlsruhe, marked by the yellow point. All these buildings are placed under the Karlsruhe castle, the all-seeing eye of Karlsruhe. But why Karlsruhe? Why is Karlsruhe the new center of the Illuminati world? If you look at the name of Karlsruhe, you could get, that if means “Karl der Große ruht”, translated into English it means Karl the Great resting. Do you know the Great was a member of the brotherhood of the snake? He had a key position in the Illuminati order. Furthermore there is the town’s seal which has a red shield in the background, which is referring to the master of the Illuminati, “Rotschild”. His name means translated red shield, just like the Karlsruhe town’s seal.

The “Europa Park” in Germany

The Europa Park is the largest theme park in Germany. It´s located in Rust, a city in south-western Germany. The special thing about the park is that there are the thirteen sections in the style of some countries in Europe.               There are:


In these areas there are attractions, that fit the style of the country which it belongs to. The two most famous roller coasters in the park are Silver Star and Blue Fire.

Silver Star is 73 meters high and you have to be at least 11 years old and 140 cm tall to go on a ride. The roller coaster is in the theme section of France. One ride lasts three minutes and the maximum speed is 130 km/h.

Blue Fire is 38 meters high and you have to be 7 years old and 130 cm tall to go on a ride. The roller coaster is in the theme section of Iceland. One ride lasts 2 minutes and 20 seconds at the maximum speed is 100 km/h.

These are just two of the roller coasters in the park there are ten more. There is Wodan, Poseidon, the Swiss bobsleigh, Pegasus, the “Matterhorn-Blitz”, Euro-Mir, Eurosat, Alpine Express “Enzian”, Atlantica SuperSplash and the latest roller coaster Arthur.

If you’re a visitor from far away there is the possibility to stay in one of the Hotels of the park. There are five Hotels with four Stars: The Bell Rock, the Colosseo, the Santa Isabel, the Castillo Alcazar and the El Andaluz. All of them are really great and all of them except the last one are all family friendly.

It´s a great Park with many options for young and old and if you’re less interested in the roller coasters you can go to the hotels and relax in the wellnes area or just soak up the atmosphere of the park.


Germany’s birthrate

Many people live in Germany with a big population. But just these years the population shrinks every year because the people don’t get two or more children for each household. In contrast to 2010 15.000 less babies were born, exactly 663,000; in many countries the birthrate is ca. 2.1 but in Germany only 1.36. (more…)