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Mediterranean cruise

6 cities in one week on a cruiser

The Italian operator MSC Cruises serves cruises on the Mediterranean sea and one route of them concludes the cities Genua, Neapel, Messina, Tunis, Barcelona and Marseille. The trip starts at Genua and also ends there. One of the possible ships is the MSC Splendida, a ship for 3274 passengers (about 1370 employees are working there), with 18 decks, 13 of them are for passengers. On the ship are pools, bars, casinos, restaurants, a theater and much more entertaining stuff, also the staff is really nice. The trip is a very impressive experience which shows a big variety. In every city the ship stays a couple of hours in the port and either the city is just a little walk away or a short ride with the bus or cap. The restaurant which serves a six-course menu in the evening and in the morning they a buffet offers a big choice of different food. During the trip the ship is very full and although the cabins are not the biggest ones. Many other opportunities make that trip worth it.

In conclusion it`s a very beautiful trip with many attractions.