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The Illuminati in Karlsruhe

The Illuminati pyramid, the emblem of Karlsruhe speaks for itself. The Illuminati are very real in Karlsruhe but why? Looking at Karl-Wilhelm’s biography you can see, he was in the council of 300 in the Illuminati order. So you can see that his grave, a pyramid, is exactly at his position of the Illuminati order. Marked by the green point.

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If you connect the rays going out from the Karlsruhe castle, marked by the red point, with the pedestrian street and the Kriegsstraße, both marked by the dark red lines, you get the Illuminati pyramid. In this pyramid, there are the grave of Karl-Wilhelm in the center, marked by the green point, the court of German law, marked by the orange point, the German national court, marked by the blue point and the university of Karlsruhe, marked by the yellow point. All these buildings are placed under the Karlsruhe castle, the all-seeing eye of Karlsruhe. But why Karlsruhe? Why is Karlsruhe the new center of the Illuminati world? If you look at the name of Karlsruhe, you could get, that if means “Karl der Große ruht”, translated into English it means Karl the Great resting. Do you know the Great was a member of the brotherhood of the snake? He had a key position in the Illuminati order. Furthermore there is the town’s seal which has a red shield in the background, which is referring to the master of the Illuminati, “Rotschild”. His name means translated red shield, just like the Karlsruhe town’s seal.